Inspired by @lesbian //// Also known as my playlist titled "u r ready 4 dis"
  1. Confident by Demi Lovato
    Not a joke I love this song. The bass is pumpin.
  2. All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled
    I can rap the shit out of this song and it is nice to listen to if you want to get jacked about something
  3. You Need Me, I Don't Need You by Ed Sheeran
    Because I don't need you, and also I can sing/rap this whole song
  4. Candy Store from the Heathers Musical
    Reminds me to just do it (fac id)
  5. My Shot from Hamilton
    Can sing/ rap this perfectly. Wrote a 6 page paper about this song. The brass emphasis on certain words just gets me every damn time.
  6. You and Me (But Mostly Me) from Book of Mormon
    Yikes, I am musical theater trash. My go to group project theme song.
  7. Work This Body by Walk the Moon
    Good beat, really gets the blood flowing. Fun to sing to. Can also substitute Shut Up and Dance tbh
  8. Babel by Mumford & Sons
    "Cuz I know my weakness, know my voice, and I believe in grace and choice" great lyrics, excellent banjo, fits my voice type and great before speech meets where I literally have to know my voice
  9. Worth It by Fifth Harmony
    Because I am worth it dammit. Great for dancing
  10. One Thing by One Direction
    Reminds me of where I come from/ my past. "Shot me out of the sky, you're my kryptonite" gets me every time. Great car jam
  11. Twenty Dollar Nosebleed by Fall Out Boy
  12. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy
    We did this song for show choir and we mashed it up with I See Fire. I like the song, I like singing it in the car, I like the drums, I looooooove the beginning. Was A M A Z I N G when I saw them live (picture actual fire)
  13. Shots by LMFAO
    Always ask to play this at parties because it really gets it going and also fun to dance to and to shout the lyrics to
  14. 15 Minutes by the Yeah Yous
    From Easy A, my U L T I M A T E jam song. The beginning the harmonies are just 🙌🙌👍👍👍💯. This is my go-to morning jam before golf meets. CANNOT STRESS THIS SONG ENOUGH. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND LOOK THIS SONG UP. Hands down one of my favorite songs of all times