1. All I Do Is Win
    It's literally All I Do Is Win but I'm singing/rapping it
  2. The Language of Love
    The whole song is in Latin
  3. What a Time to Be Alive
    The ballad of the album
  4. Pink
    An ode to the color pink and all of the shades, sung like a typical Broadway musical song
  5. Work Hard Play Hard
    Self explanatory
  6. Diet Coke and TOMS
    A love song to Diet Coke and my favorite shoes
  7. The Parade of Small Schnauzers
    I have a bunch of dogs in the studio and this is just me talking to them and them talking back.
  8. Why Do I Have To Study
    An anger fueled rant
  9. Everything Is A Lie
    A Panic! At The Disco/Fall Out Boy type song
  10. Gym Shorts and a Tshirt
    Detailing how I get ready in the morning. It's 40 seconds long
  11. Extended edition: Cover of One Thing by One Direction
    My dream