It's 2.5 weeks until Christmas break so you know what that means....
  1. Finals
    Kinda duh. I have 4 finals. 1 during dead week, 1 take home, 2 during finals week. 2 of them I'm not incredibly worried about (but I will still study of course), but my calc final is a very large percentage of my grade and it is cumulative. The take home final is a single essay question that she wants 4 pages on so wish me luck
  2. Papers
    I have to turn in 2 papers before I leave. My teacher normally checks them over before we officially turn them in (which is very nice, she doesn't have to) and she hasn't checked over the one due Thursday. She has checked over a much longer one, and most of the class has to fix theirs, but she didn't really change much on mine so idk??
  3. Getting a new phone
    Glad to get a new phone (even if it's for a dumb reason) but sad to have to set it up. I have to put it on my school's wifi which takes forever, then remember all my passwords to my emails and social media sites. Then manually transfer over all my contacts. Then redownload all my apps and music. I'm getting my phone Sunday night at like 10:30, so hopefully Monday isn't absolutely crazy.
    I'm a history major. Self explanatory.
  5. The way we have to leave our rooms over break
    All the furniture has to be a foot away from the walls, we have to empty the bottom drawer, and they are spraying for bugs over break. So I basically have to take a lot home. And my roommate won't be here to help move the furniture, so hopefully my dad comes and gets me for break. Also hope my dad picks me up bc the last time I got a ride the girl left 1.5 hours late. I hate late people, so I was incredibly frustrated (and late to a bunch of things.)
  6. Basketball
    I'm on an intramural basketball team, and we are bad, and I just want it to be over.
  7. Getting a job
    Looking for a part time job (preferably on campus), because everybody keeps asking me if I'm getting one. I'm trying guys.