Inspired by @alexim
  1. The smell of laundry/sitting in a laundry room
    I worked in a laundromat for 2 years, and they let me do my homework and relax while doing it, so the smell of laundry or detergent is incredibly comforting
  2. Knowing I can miss watching a show live and I can just watch it the next day
    Thanks Hulu!
  3. Using the notes app with a daily to do list that stretches 2 weeks ahead
    Not using a planner for some reason, but this works for me
  4. Sitting in the library between classes knowing I should be doing schoolwork but watching YouTube videos
    Procrastination is so comforting
  5. The color pink
    Most of my bedrooms have been pink, and also I just love the color and relate to it on a weird personal level. The majority of stuff I own is pink tbh
  6. Speech meets/ golf courses
    Stressful when competing, fun when not