Here's some stuff you probably don't know about me. Ask me other things in the comments!
  1. My favorite color is pink
    Any shade
  2. I love to read
  3. I like movies and TV
  4. I like musicals
  5. I played golf in high school and made it to the state competition twice
  6. I have a schnauzer named RJ that I love very much
    But I don't see him as much because I'm at college
  7. I'm a History and Classics double major
    And I'm learning Latin 😱😱
  8. My favorite drink is Diet Coke
    Preferably fountain Diet Coke
  9. I'm straight up addicted to Chapstick
    Only the cherry kind though.
  10. One of my best friends is also named Paige
    She is very cool and the sweetest, funniest person I know
  11. My favorite food is ice cream
    Mint chip
  12. I love Chinese Food
    Beef and broccoli for life
  13. I like random tv shows
    Shark Tank, The Profit, anything on HGTV, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen