My sophomore year of high school our marching band show was The Wizard of Oz meets The Wiz and I'm also currently in a Broadway musical class, and I'm procrastinating a paper, so I might as well watch it. FOLLOW ALONG HOMIES
  1. That dog is incredibly well trained and probably makes more money than me
  2. "You're not my mother" classic line
  3. I wonder what the budget for this production is.
  4. 1st song: Aunt singing @ her
  5. Dramatic look to the sky 👌
  6. Holy shit the effects are good
  7. Some electronic dance music to go with the storm, ok
  8. How do these dancers see??
  9. They really sold the flying for Peter Pan, why not now? I remember watching a whole 1 hour show on that
  10. She says "Aunt" not "Ant" very fancy
  11. Can I buy one of these munchkin costumes for Halloween?
    Or just to have
  12. How much is Amber Riley getting paid
    And does she get extra for wearing blue lipstick, even though she is totally pulling it off. Not fair.
  13. Is that an iPad? #productplacement
  14. Pls tell me that sushi line was in the original
  16. Amber Riley can SING
    Also as a past glee fan 🙌
  17. 2nd song: production number
  18. 1st commercial break! Time to work on my paper
  19. Commercial for a Dolly Parton show? Why?????????? ???????
  20. "Kicks" yes yes yes
  21. Normal musicals don't get the cutaway that they just did
  22. Song 3: Dorothy is trying to find the yellow brick road
  23. This is how I'm going to start walking from place to place
  24. Commercial break 2
  25. I wonder what they do during the commercial breaks
  26. Enter: scarecrow
  27. Enter: some freaky looking crows
  28. Glad those people have to act like crowd and weirdly jerk their heads around
  29. Song 4: Crow Commandments
    The scarecrow is forced to sing by the crows. The freaky looking crows dance
  30. I want the gif of those crows doing the dolla dolla bills thing
  31. Song 5: the road song
    You know, the one on all the commercials
  32. Commercial break
  33. Can they do Hamilton live next year please
  34. Enter: Tin Man
    1 word? 2 words? Idk
  35. Neyo. What went wrong
  36. Song: Tin man
    Number ?? Sorry, already lost track
  37. Song: Reprise of ease on down the road
  38. Enter: Lion
  39. Song: Lion
  40. She already has all of her friends, but we still have 2 more hours???
  41. I wonder how hot the lion's pants are
    They look very hot you guys
  42. Song: reprise, ease on down the road
  43. Commercial break
  44. Yes, Dorothy, that's what the scarecrow sounds like
  45. First group fight
  46. Gospel choir backup yessssss
  47. Song: Dorothy relieving tension
  48. The lion and the background music are really drowning out Dorothy
  49. Unfortunately my list app is crashing, so I can't continue!
  50. But it's been fun! Almost better than Sound of Music 😉
  51. One more thing first:
  52. How long did common prepare for his part. Important questions here