1. The Mindy Project
    Of course, this is the shit. I've recently gotten 2 friends stuck on this amazing show as well. I always enjoy my hour and half between classes on Tuesdays because I can watch the new episode (and maybe vacuum).
  2. 30 Rock
    I have 4 episodes left and I'm saving them. I thought the series would get worse towards the end BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. How Tina Fey, how?
  3. Parks and Rec
    I've already seen the whole series (twice) but my roommate hasn't so I made her watch and now she's hooked. We are almost done with season 6, so @netflix put season 7 on soon pls
  4. Brooklyn 99
    Will watch on Hulu if I miss on Sunday night
  5. Agents of SHIELD
  6. Drunk History
    As a history major this is basically best case scenario for me
  7. Arrested Development
    Started recently, halfway through season 2. Very well written
  8. SNL
    Will watch every Saturday and live blog it #shameless
  9. The Office
    Skip around depending on my mood, but I never go past the episode where Michael leaves and I'm way more likely to watch if @mindy is in it or Jim pulls a prank.
  10. Last Week Tonight
    Love, love, love John Oliver. Always watch the clips the next day
  11. New Girl
    Waiting for season 4 on Netflix and also waiting to see what adding Megan Fox will do to the dynamic
  12. I think that's it! I'll definitely think of more later and will add them when I do!