Things I wonder about but never research.
  1. Swiss Banks
    So interesting. Why do so many affluent people keep money there? What are the benefits? Do you receive a complimentary toblerone with every transaction?
  2. Narwhals
    Whales with horns. Why?
  3. The Kennedy Sisters
    I want to know everything and anything about this iconic family.
  4. Royal Families
    To be honest the only reason I am interested in the Royal family is because of the history of keeping lions at the Tower of London. I would also like to know how far away I can marry into a royal air.
  5. Stars, galaxies, and the like.
    It makes me feel uneasy that I don't know what could be out there. I also just read that there is no such thing as astronaut ice cream and I have so many questions.
  6. Spam (the canned meat version)
    There's a friggin Spam museum. If that doesn't tell you what kind of life changing product this was I'm not sure what will. I have never ate spam, but what does it taste like? Why is it in a can? Why can you do so many things with it?
  7. Planes, trains, and automobiles
    I feel like this is pretty self explanatory although I feel like I didn't learn enough in Steve Martin and John Candy's breakthrough film.
  8. Kanye West
    I just wish I could be inside his mind for one day.
  9. Pyramids
    Everything about Egyptian pyramids fascinates me, I just want to learn more about them.
  10. Marsupials
    Kangaroos and koalas. Do all marsupials have to start with a K? Also, Kangaroos can kill a man with one kick but look so sweet and caring with a little Joey in their pouch.
  11. The real Johnny Appleseed
    Who was this guy and why did I spend a week learning about him in third grade?