Happy 10 yr anniversary, Wildcats
  1. Troy (Tina) Bolton: Sophia Bush
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    Queen B of the Wildcats
  2. Gabrielle (Gabriel) Montez: Diego Boneta
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    Can do the nerdy thing, the attractive thing, and the singing thing
  3. Sharpay (Siegfried) Evans: Phillip Rhys
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    You KNOW he can deliver the vocal chops and the outfits
  4. Chad (Charli) Danforth: Aja Naomi King
    She will cut a bitch if anyone gets in the way of her bball trophy and distracts her bff Tina. WHAT TEAM??
  5. Taylor McKessie (Taylor): Michael B. Jordan
    Cause Michael B Jordan should have been in HSM
  6. Ryan (Ryan--love ambiguous names) Evans: Amanda Seyfried
    She's just the vibe I'm looking for and can play the ditsy w/a heart of gold
  7. Kelsi (Kelsey) Nielson: Darren Criss
    He would nail it with the shy theater kid/composer turned confident badass
  8. Zeke (Zahara): Zoe Saldana
    She bakes!
  9. Coach Jack (Jane) Bolton: Jane Lynch
    Imagine her motivational speech. GO WILDCATS
  10. Ms (Mr.) Darbus: Jim Broadbent
    No commentary necessary