T-Swift's crew gets so much hype, but all of these are equally desirable
  1. SNL
    Aidy, Pete, Vanessa, Kate, Bobby, Michael, Sasheer, Leslie, Colin, Beck.... They look like best friends having the time of their lives
  2. Parks and Rec
    When Amy raved about everyone in her book, I was convinced. Chris Pratt, Aziz, Rashida...the list goes on. Please let me be your friend.
  3. Judd Apatow
    Everyone Judd has worked with starting with Freaks and Geeks is now in this cool weird hilarious club. I want in.
  4. Mindy Kaling (@mindy)
    @bjnovak and @IkeBarinholtz are enough to make me wanna join. Add Rashida and we've got ourselves an enviable crew.
  5. Benedict, James, Keira, and Tom
    Cumberbatch, McAvoy, Knightley, and Hiddleston (respectively)--the classiest crew. They would host the fanciest dinner parties and surprise you with how down-to-earth they are.
  6. Amy Schumer
    Her sister, high school friends, Aziz, J-Law, Chris Pratt, & The Dutchess. I wanna get kicked off Martha's Vineyard with them.
  7. Taylor Swift
    Yes it's a cliche. No list of crews is complete without Tay's.
  8. The Office!
    I would so want to hang out with Michael, Dwight, and Andy!
    Suggested by @alyjay