Haven't watched this movie since it first came out in 07 (aka when I was 15 and a wee lass). Here are my observations upon viewing it nine years later in 2016.
  1. So maybe the scariest part of this movie isn't the serial killer, it's how much Shia creeps on his neighbor
    Knock it off, Shia. She is changing and deserves privacy, not your pervy self staring at her. It's getting weird.
  2. Because I Got High scene still holds up
    The first time I heard Afroman was when I saw this movie. I thought it was VERY scandalous and I loved it.
  3. "Oh no, mom, don't cancel my iTunes!"
    I actually don't even know what this means. Can he not buy music anymore?
  4. Shia calls his mom dramatic for unplugging his TV. Mom says, "that wasn't dramatic. This is dramatic." And CUTS THE CORD OF HIS TV WITH SCISSORS.
    Uh, yeah, mom, that is dramatic. And also a huge waste of money. Like, you probably bought that tv and then you ruin it to make a point to your annoying son? I don't get it.
  5. Shia is actually hilarious
    And adorable. Now I wanna watch Even Stevens.
  6. Until he smells her hair
    Creepy again
  7. Cute neighbor girl has got balls.
    She saw Shia (a felon on house arrest) creepin and went over to his house, invited herself in, and hung out all day/night.
  8. Shia's laptop screensaver is "Let me Free" text bouncing around in a jail.
    Perhaps too obvious
  9. "You read books. Not US Weekly or Seventeen, like actual BOOKS!"
    Should NOT be that novel, Shia (pardon the pun)
  10. "That's either the creepiest ........ or the sweetest thing I've ever heard."
    I would go creepiest, but that's just me.
  11. Okay neighbor girl's name is Ashley.
    And I think she's married to Chad Michael Murray IRL
  12. Ashley, why are you taking pics of creepy neighbor guy in the store? Seems like an unnecessary risk since you are on the phone with Shia giving live updates anyway
  13. Wow, I forgot how terrifying creepy neighbor is.
    Weirdly hitting on Ashley in the car. Grooooosssss vibes.
    I would know Annalise's voice anywhere
  15. Ronny is a DICK for that trick he pulled on Shia where he pretended he was dead
  16. Everything escalates prrrretty quickly from there
  17. They live in a suburban neighborhood. How does no one notice all this screaming, fighting, and dragging around of bodies?
  18. Take-aways: one of my favorite movies when I was in high school, and it basically holds up. I would have liked to watch Shia LaBeouf watch this movie.