My sister, mom, and I have seen it before; Dad has not. Hilarity ensues.
  1. "This will be good inspiration for me."
    Dad's pre-movie fitness thoughts
  2. "Look at their ab-packs."
    Dad discussing the main menu screen. Not "six-packs" or "abs." Ab-packs.
  3. "Let's get fat together on the cookie dough." *scoffs*
    Dad while Chan looks into his fridge at the note from his ex-gf
  4. "Oh, this is the part where he humps everything."
    Mom at the start of "Pony" in the garage
  5. "This is my favorite part!!"
    My sister said this simultaneously as my mom made the humping comment.
  6. "He's a good dancer!"
    Dad during "Pony"
  7. "He's so strong."
    Mom during "Pony"
  8. "That guy didn't seem as excited that Channing was coming as he should have been. Trouble in Tinseltown."
    Dad's thoughts on Matt Bomer's character. Very astute observation.
  9. "Okay I have to go to the bathroom. No, no, you guys don't have to pause it."
    Dad. We paused it.
  10. "They travel in a food truck. Smart move."
    Dad respecting the intellect of the boys.
  11. "Anyone want popcorn?"
    Mom during Jada's house tour in Savannah. YAS QUEEN 💯
  12. "This is my favorite part, Joey!!"
    Mom to my dad during Matt Bomer's first serenade. Not-so-subtle hint, Momma.
  13. "He has a big neck."
    My sister, on Channing Tatum. Dad's response: "Mhmmm"
  14. "Lotsa 1's! How about some 5's or 10's?"
    Dad's thoughts on the stripper convention. Lookin' out for the boys.
  15. "He just does nothin' for me."
    Mom's thoughts on Tarzan. "Maybe he's for the biker chicks."
  16. "He just put chocolate sauce on her. She is going to be sticky all night. Oh, that would be just terrible."
    Disgruntled mom on Tito's final dance
  17. "This is so great!!!!! He's my favorite. I'm so sad that the male population gets him."
    Mom, jealous of the gays for getting Matt Bomer.
  18. "I think this is so cute!!" -Me "I think they go a little too far." -Mom
    @ the beginning of "Marry You"
  19. "This is not okay. What is wrong with our girls?"
    Mom disappointed in my sister and I when we get excited at Big Dick Richie on the sex swing.
  20. "This is the best one."
    Quick change of attitude by Mom before Channing's dance
  21. "God, Amber Heard is so cool."
    My sister & I. Those leather pants doe.
  22. "I think you girls are cool."
    Thanks, mom. ☺️
  23. "Paige, as a feminist, I don't understand how you can like this."
    Sorry I like the R. Kelly song "Cookie," MOM. The "break your back" lyric really got to her. I get it, but also...what a jam.
  24. Annnnnnnnd the credits begin to roll.
  25. "Well, I guess we will have to get Channing up here to go fly-fishing."
    At this point, Dad dropped the BOMBSHELL that "my buddy Joe with the fly-fishing Union is friends with Channing Tatum and is talking to him about being a celebrity guest to raise money for the group." Dad's been holding out on us.