This show gives me life. All 10 episodes dropped on Netflix last Friday.
  1. Star: Aziz Ansari
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    Saw him live in Denver earlier this year (second row and the highlight of my life), and can quote a terrifying amount of his standup verbatim and with classic Aziz inflection. He's brilliant and adorable and I would marry him in a heartbeat.
  2. Diversity & non-hacky representation
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    The cast is wonderfully diverse and tackles racial issues without seeming preachy or like it's trying too hard. Episode 2 goes into the back stories of Dev's (Aziz's) parents and his friend Brian's parents. It is so refreshing to see representation of immigrants and first-generation Americans that is honest, touching, and genuinely funny at no one's expense.
  3. The Sherlock references
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    Episode 3. Sherlock marathon featuring countless quotable moments including, "Is anyone else having a hard time with these accents? I haven't understood a single word this entire time. I'm lovin the visuals but I'm like, 'What's that, 'Batch?!'"
  4. Father John Misty
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  5. Ladies & Gentlemen
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    This episode is so great, and actually takes the time to look at the everyday experience of women. Aziz's stuff on feminism and how crazy different it is to be a woman (getting followed around by relentless men, being ignored during introductions, etc.) is some of my favorite of his standup. This episode tackles, translates, and adds to his stand up so well.
  6. The romance
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    I adore Dev's relationship with Rachel. The episode where they went to Nashville was so natural and their banter actually made me giddy. But it's so real at the same time! I love that Rachel can get mad at Dev without appearing like a crazy, unreasonable woman. I get it. I get her. I get him. I get them. I love it all. I'm on board. Is that translating? I'm into it.
  7. Harris Wittels' involvement
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    Possibly the last thing the late, great comic mind Harris Wittels worked on. There are moments in this show that just scream Harris and it gives me chills.
  8. My terror to finish it
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    I'm on episode 8 and I don't want it to end so badly that am cutting myself off (until tomorrow, when I inevitably finish it and incessantly re-watch it)