My Favorite Snl Characters

When they appeared on SNL I lost my mind
  1. Nic Cage
    In the Cage with Nicolas Cage is probably my favorite Weekend Update Segment. That's high praise.
  2. Dooneese
    With my by myself. The character I want to be for Halloween more than any other.
  3. Two Wild and Crazy Guys/The Festrunk Brothers
    My dad is Czech and quoted this all through my childhood. I die every time.
  4. The Dick in a Box guys
    I've loved every one of their shorts. Also, I'm weirdly attracted to them.
  5. Stefon
    The Human Suitcase is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Also, the fact that Mulaney and Hader created this together and that Mulaney always makes Bill crack makes it so much better.
  6. Betty and Jodi from Bronx Beat
    I memorized entire sketches of Bronx Beat in junior high and would perform them at the dinner table. My parents were mildly amused, a tad confused.
  7. Sue
    Her vocabulary has been integrated into my day-to-day life, and when someone realizes what I am quoting, it gets me SO FRICKIN EXCITED.
  8. Matt Foley
    Motivational speaker. One of the first times I saw how hilarious actors breaking could be. Farley was a genius.
  9. Roger and Virginia Klarvin
    This felt very scandalous for me to watch when I was younger and I would re-watch it over and over. What a rebel.
  10. Debbie Downer
    "I can't have children." Sans and Jimmy breaking. Rachel breaking. This is SNL GOLD.