My Most Memorable Concerts

In chronological order
  1. Jon Bon Jovi in Salt Lake City
    My first concert at age 9. My mom bought my sister these tickets for her 11th birthday and we road tripped to Salt Lake. It was a present for mom from mom, but we enjoyed it all the same. Side note: I had very sensitive ears as a child and had to wear earplugs (I wish more than anyone that there were photos).
  2. All Time Low at The Bluebird Theater in Denver
    Spring of my freshman year of high school. I got to see my fav pop-punk obsession, and it was the day that I was asked to the freshman formal dance (S/O to Troy IForgotYourLastName!!!). Also, my dad drove us four hours to Denver simply for this concert and back four hours to Wyoming the same night ON A RANDOM TUESDAY. Turns out the main takeaway of this concert experience is my dad is an angel.
  3. Warped Tour 2009 in Denver
    Highlight of my angsty phase. It hailed, I met All Time Low, and I lost my shoe in a mosh pit.
  4. The Monster Ball, Lady Gaga, The Pepsi Center in Denver
    Went junior year of high school and stood next to a guy who had come alone because he adored Gaga that much and his friends couldn't afford to go. We sang every lyric to one another and did accompanying dance moves from the music vids. I held him as he cried when Gaga gave a rousing speech in support of her LGBTQ little monsters, and again when the show was over. I haven't seen him since but think of him at least once a month.
  5. Trevor Hall in Denver
    I have seen him six times over various locations in Denver. The first time I saw him, I danced my heart out and sang along to "Om Shakti Om" and I was hooked. Then, last year, I finally met him and my life was made.
  6. John Butler Trio at Red Rocks
    I've seen him two times here and both were pure magic. At one point he had the entire audience turn around all the way around and look at the stars and rocks and nature and I felt one with the universe. Plus he can JAM on the guitar.
  7. Vampire Weekend and Of Monsters and Men at Red Rocks
    My sophomore year at the University of Denver. Went on a random Wednesday night and saw Vampire Weekend perform Modern Vampires of the City, which is now my favorite album. Plus EZRA KOENIG
  8. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA
    My mom somehow scored these tickets because she is a wizard. We went the summer after my sophomore year of college before I studied abroad. It was a perfect night and the crowd was so eclectic. I enjoyed both Jay and Justin equally, which seemed to be an anomaly in that crowd.
  9. The Drums at The Gothic Theater in Denver, CO
    I have never respected someone's dance moves as much as the lead singer of this band. I was obsessed, took a million videos, and have incorporated the moves into my dancing canon.
  10. Danny Brown in Fort Collins, CO
    He did a stripped down (heh) version of "I Will" and I took this photo of him. One of the crazier shows I've been to. Also an impromptu Wednesday night concert.
  11. The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks
    Been to see them twice at Red Rocks, and they blow me away every time. The first time I saw them, they closed the encore with "Goodnight Sweetheart" and I cried.
  12. Lyle Lovett at Red Rocks
    I grew UP on Lyle Lovett. My dad and I have been talking about going for years, and we finally did last summer. Lyle played songs my dad and I have been jamming out to in the car since I was five--made for a night I'll always remember.
  13. Rock the Garden in Minneapolis, MN
    Summer 2015. My most recent concert (which is heartbreaking). I got to see Conor Oberst, Courtney Barnett, Lucius, and Belle and Sebastian. It was a wonderful day, and I miss it dearly.