They are so emotionally moving that I take a huge breath in and can't let it out and my heart feels like it may explode
  1. Celeste and Jesse Forever
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    The last scene. They love each other so much, but agree it's not going to work. This feels so heartbreakingly real.
  2. The Family Stone
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    When they're all in the kitchen and she drops the food on the floor and the brothers are chasing each other around. I laugh, then cry ten minutes later. Brilliant filmmaking. Maybe even makes up for the HORRIBLE dinner scene where Sarah J Parker insults her boyfriend's gay brother (perhaps the worst, most uncomfortable scene in movies).
  3. The Social Network
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    "Can I have your full attention?" & Response. Genius Sorkin writing that gives me chills.
  4. Across the Universe
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  5. Almost Famous
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    Tiny Dancer, Penny dancing to The Wind, "loving a band or some silly little song SO MUCH that it hurts," and the very last scene: "What do you love about music?" (It's my favorite movie for a reason)