People From Other Shows That Are in the Good Wife

A random episode was on TV, and I decided to watch it. I was baffled by how many people I knew from other shows, and it is BLOWING MY MIND to watch them interact with each other.
  1. The risqué friend of Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia
    I can only picture her singing "Does Your Mother Know" but now she's in a pantsuit
  2. Sandy Cohen from The O.C.
    I'd recognize those eyebrows anywhere. But why aren't you hanging out in the kitchen talking about bagels with your son Seth?
  3. Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls
    You jump, I jump, Jack.
  4. Denny from Grey's Anatomy
    YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!! And attractive as ever--that voice 💯
  5. Mr. Big from Sex and the City
    You sly dog
  6. The record keeper lady on Dexter
    Last time I saw you, you were dying of lung cancer and Dexter killed you. Lots of people are coming back to life thanks to The Good Wife
  7. That guy in Spy Kids!!!!
    🎶 "Who what where when and whyyyyyyy" 🎶