I will gladly go down a five-hour long YouTube rabbit holes watching these interviews and come out the other side at 3am saying, "What year is it? Can I marry ____?"
  1. James McAvoy
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    Perhaps the most charming man alive. His humor is slightly edgy/sarcastic without being mean, and he is so crazy smart. I saw Atonement for the first time in junior high and my love has just blossomed from there. Watch him on the Today Show with Daniel Radcliffe being interviewed about Viktor Frankenstein; he accidentally says "shit" and it's one of the funnier things I've seen. http://youtu.be/2F2W2-DxVJc
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch
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    Last December I started Sherlock and ever since I have been neck-deep in Cumberbatch fandom. His appearances on the Graham Norton Show in particular are just so great. Plus he kills an Alan Rickman impression: http://youtu.be/CnbN3Pya_AM
  3. Emma Stone
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    Just a ray of sunshine. I've been listening to her @lenadunham 's podcast Women of the Hour and she KILLS IT every time. Plus, she never fails to make me laugh. Exhibit A: http://youtu.be/7Q4nqo5nSAw
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
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    An incomplete list without her. Charming, relatable, the DEFINITION of likable. Whenever she's on Fallon, it's a good day. http://youtu.be/m0dtn1BNQOA
  5. Amy Schumer
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    Her stories are flawless. Texting Katie Couric's husband at a dinner party?? Obsessing overBradley Cooper? 💯❤️ https://youtu.be/vh1ige7lVyU
  6. Andy Samberg
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    Andy is one of my biggest comedy crushes. He's smart, rocks a pair of glasses, and doesn't take himself too seriously. It's especially great to see him with his old SNL buds Jimmy and Seth. https://youtu.be/cBTwuF3OcYQ
  7. One Direction
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    I mean....watch this then tell me that they aren't the cutest thing in the world: http://youtu.be/46vqTnvWr_s
  8. Mindy Kaling
    So delightfully smart and goofy and awkward and beautiful http://youtu.be/1RDoi0yFAZs
    Suggested by @julieuhls
  9. Brie Larson
    So smart and beautiful. Also very in tune with her emotions and talks so openly about anything and everything. https://youtu.be/_kv0g8pnA1g
    Suggested by @julieuhls
  10. John Krasinski
    He tells the best stories and you can just see kindness in his eyes. Favorite story ever: when he and Matt Damon were in the liquor store. Matt wasn't recognized by the clerk but John was. 😊
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx
  11. Aziz Ansari
    His voice makes ANYTHING funny & he is actually a super socially conscious & rad dude on top of dat
    Suggested by @shacara_shacara
  12. Will Ferrel
    Suggested by @fresch