Just me alone with my thoughts on a six-hour drive through Wyoming (PSA: no typing occurred while driving)
  1. Analyze Phish is one of the best podcasts I've heard
    Harris Wittels, man
  2. Wow, I really am in Wyoming
    I can't see a single building in any direction
  3. How long will it take me to listen to every single Harris podcast in existence?
    Not long enough
  4. Are people getting sick of me talking about Harris Wittels?
    The answer is a firm yes
  5. Okay, I'm getting too sad about Harris, gotta pep it up with some Comedy Bang Bang
  6. God, Harris' Foam Corner is genius
    Nope, too sad again
  7. Music time
    Shuffle all songs
  8. A Case of You (the James Blake cover) would make a great wedding song
    But is it too sad? Too slow?
  9. So would First Day of My Life
    But is that an indie cliche?
  10. But what if it transitioned into King Kunta and the funk was within us?
  11. Okay, Kendrick for the rest of the trip
    To Pimp a Butterfly is a masterpiece