Shows I Binge-watched During Finals Weeks When I Was in College

Inspired by @olivi_ahh
  1. The Walking Dead
    "Oh, I'll just start the first episode to see if I like it!" Five episodes later, I was like oh shit.
  2. Grey's Anatomy
    My freshman year roommate genuinely thought I was having a mental breakdown as I was hysterically sobbing and tweeting my pain.
  3. Orphan Black
    Why is it I always start shows during finals week? I have too much confidence that I won't get invested, then all of a sudden it's 2am, I'm sitting up in bed cross-legged, and I'm WIRED. All the while, I can't focus on my exams because I'm too busy wondering how Tatiana Maslany hasn't won all the awards.
  4. Arrested Development
    When my brain was fried, I would go back to my room and giggle as I fell asleep to Buster and Tobias and everything was right in the world.
  5. Friends
    I had never seen it until LAST YEAR (during finals). I would be in my room cracking up, and when my roommates asked what was up, I had to say it was just "Phoebe and Joey again." I was a good 15 years late to the party and it was slightly embarrassing. This was my last finals binge though, and I ended up finishing the series right as graduation approached, which was bittersweet, sentimental, and fitting.