S/O to my Wyo folks
  1. "Did you ride a horse to school?"
    Ah, a bit of a cliche, but a classic nonetheless. For the record, the answer is no.
  2. "Wyoming--isn't that in Washington?"
    Nah, man, it's its own state. The big rectangle directly above Colorado
  3. "Didn't you grow up on a ranch?"
    My RA genuinely thought that I grew up on a ranch my entire freshman year. When, on move-out day, she realized that I lived in a normal subdivision, her world was ROCKED.
  4. Nothing at all
    While touring the University of Rochester, all the out-of-staters had to go around and say where they were from. When I said I was from Wyoming, everyone stopped talking & turned around to look at me. I shit you not; it was like I announced I was from the North Pole.