a.k.a. the longest day of Hillary Clinton's life
  1. I am in shock that this is still happening
  2. I would have cried in sheer frustration at this point
    And Hill can never cry because she's a woman and people will write articles that are sexist as hell
  3. But when do they eat dinner?
  4. Everyone please stop yelling
    Maybe they're hungry?
  5. This is like an exec hearing from hell
    Thanks for that point of reference, Greek life
  6. Oh my god, Hill is straight-up losing her voice
    "I just need to....grab a.....lozenge"
  7. They sound like Jim Webb at the democratic debate fighting over speaking minutes
  8. I think I might cry and I've only been watching for the past two hours
  9. This is exhausting
    Now for the Anderson Cooper recap 🙏🏻