🎶I've had the time of my life🎶
  1. Wow I am the only person in this theater that is not a parent with their little children
  2. Okay this kid Zach is adorable
    How old is he? Is it creepy that I love him?
  3. Gotta look up how old the actor that plays Zach is
  4. Zach and his mom have the cutest relationship
  5. Whoa this girl looks exactly like Mila Kunis
    Is she somehow related to Mila? A distant cousin perhaps?
  6. God I love Jack Black
  7. Why don't I have a cool old light-up circus in my backyard?
    And they're romantically climbing the ferris wheel Tris and Four-style. Classic.
  8. Okay, the action is picking up
  9. They would make the creepy dummy the evil mastermind
    That thing scared me at age 10 and is scaring me at 22
  10. Lawn gnomes are freaky
    Good call, RL Stein
  11. Why am I so tense?
    Are all the children in the theater peeing their pants?
  12. I am having the time of my life in this movie
    I've leaned over to say, "How much fun is this movie??" at least three times
  13. The nerdy kid reminds me of Beans from that Disney channel show
    Even Stevens? Maybe?
  14. I am laughing a LOT in this movie
    And at the parts that are supposed to be funny
  15. I miss high school
  16. Should I re-read all the Goosebumps books?
  17. God, Zach would be such a good son. If I have a kid, I want him to be like Zach
    Is that a creepy Freudian thing to say since I also perhaps have a crush on him? GOTTA look up the actor's age. Hoping he's roughly 24.
    See ya next time for Goosebumps 2
  19. Update: Actor who plays Zach is 18. Not forbidden, but definitely a gray area.