1. Blank Space by Taylor Swift
    She's aware of the commentary surrounding her public persona and is taking back the narrative. Chills. Tears.
  2. Live From New York, the SNL documentary
    Seeing women talk about the inherent sexism in comedy and how they were able to excel makes me weep. Also, Maya Rudolph gushing about Amy Poehler 😭
  3. What You Own from the musical Rent
    I saw this live with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprising their rolls and straight bawled through the whole musical, but specifically this song. Tears of wonder. Since then, I can't listen to it with a dry eye
  4. The ending of Celeste and Jesse Forever
    Maybe not the most unexpected, but I cry like it's the end of The Notebook
  5. Yes Please! by Amy Poehler
    Just all of it. Tears of laughter, sentimental tears, tears of awe, tears of sadness, tears of pride, tears of joy. Amy is 👑