For the record, we are best friends now and I love her more than anyone. However, when we were younger, my big sister @nicollease psychologically tortured me
  1. Told me that I was the last human left on earth
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    She said that everyone (including her and mom and dad) were aliens and I was the only human left. She also told me that if I told anyone I knew, they could kill me. This ensured that I wouldn't tell my parents.........She was an evil genius.
  2. Convinced me that she had eyes in the back of her head
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    Really, she was just clever with mirrors and I was gullible.
  3. Locked me in the crawl space
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    Would crouch under the solitary lightbulb, say, "What's that behind you!!?", turn off the light, run up the stairs, and sit on the door. I genuinely thought I was going to die down there in the dark.