Tried and true soundtrack to my snores
  1. QVC
    I have LOVED falling asleep to people trying to sell me products (jewelry is my personal fav) ever since I was in sixth grade. Something about it soothes me. There are no commercials (because it's all commercials), and I usually end up convinced I need to buy something completely unnecessary. Those people are wizards, but wizards that put me right to sleep.
  2. Arrested Development
    I start with an episode I've seen at least five times and let'er play out
  3. Family Guy
    I would never watch this show any other time than when I'm trying to fall asleep. It's so dumb, but the lack of linear plot and constant cutaways makes it easy to drift in and out
  4. Phish shows
    Jam band shows are perfect to drift off to. A good Tube jam is all I need to catch some zz's