One time on the spot I was asked who my celebrity crush. I panicked and said Johnny Depp like a cliche loser. This list is so that never happens to me again. I
  1. Harry Styles
    Short hair, long hair, medium hair, curly buzzed straight wearing a dumb hat or with a scarf wrapped around it.....I'm in. I'm all in.
  2. Andy Samberg
    Editor's note: It's 3 months later and I've changed my mind on this
  3. Mark Ruffalo
    Ik he was an Oscar nom for Spotlight, but my real fav Mark Ruffalo is him in that stupid Morgan Freeman magic movie
  4. Adam Levine
    And that's obvious????
  5. Jess from Gilmore Girls
    Yea I know his real name is Milo Ventimiglia. But if I'm banging him, I'm calling him Jess the entire time.
  6. Vince Vaughn
    Any age any day omg my baby