Dirty Dancing Appreciation

I once described this movie as "only okay" and I have officially changed my mind.
  1. I mean look at this.
  2. When Swayze jumps off the stage.
  3. Damn straight. And despite what my best friend says this line does make sense. And even if it doesn't I still love it.
  4. Baby's dress in the final scene deserves its own bullet.
  5. And a second one...
  7. Of course the jump.
  8. Just. Ugh.
  9. In love.
  10. Patrick Swayze breaking car windows in the pouring rain is my aesthetic.
  11. Actually my favorite line. "I'll never be sorry." "Neither will I."
  12. This is so me trying to learn anything.
  13. This is so not me because I give up on everything I'm bad at but I wish it was me.
  14. Can I call dibs on a fictional character?
  15. Moral of the story: this movie is the shit and I want "the time of my life" played at my funeral.