So I went through my photo album and realized the reason I have no space on my phone is because I have an obscene amount of random pictures from TV shows I watch that I will never delete on the off chance I need to quickly reference something via text one of these days.
  1. Speaks for itself.
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  2. Used this one to convince my brother to watch Arrested Development. "I'm an analyst and a therapist. Or an a-nal-ra-pist." "Yes and you almost got arrested for those business cards."
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  3. Apparently I have a lot of Taco quotes from The League on my phone.
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  4. I mean who wouldn't save this picture???
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  5. Ron Swanson making Tom Haverford faint by faking pulling out his tooth with a pair of pliers at a morning meeting? Save.
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  6. Because I still wish I could go to Greendale Community College. "This one just says 'learning' with an exclamation point."
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  7. Does it make me a sociopath if depressed Chris Traeger was my favorite thing about Parks and Rec?
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  8. Mike asking Siri the important questions in Veep.
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  9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the most important show of all time and the one I reference most. It's a miracle I don't have a whole folder dedicated to it... anymore.
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