1. Friends
    Probably not shocking but the amount this show was and still is on in my house is something else. I don't remember ever seeing a new episode of this show, they've just been imprinted on my mind for as long as I can remember.
  2. The West Wing
    Now my favorite show of all time but as a kid I dreaded when there was a new episode— I probably wanted to be watching 'Friends' instead. All I remember from this show when I was younger is thinking Josh and Donna were married, the episode from the last season where Toby leaks classified info (ugh stupid storyline), and that Chandler Bing was at one point a character. Oh and Charlie's first time meeting the president.
  3. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Another show I dreaded that became my favorite. When I was 8 I threw a fit every time my parents turned this on. The night his final episode aired I was 18 and my parents were out of town so I watched it alone and then ran over to my best friend's house in tears and cried because I had to start college in a world without Jon Stewart hosting the daily show.
  4. Full House
    Technically this was with my mom and siblings because my dad hated it but it was always on at the dinner table on nights my dad worked late.