This is a messed up list
  1. Break a bone
    Neva have and I feel like a square for it.
    I'm sorry but before I die I just really want to fight someone who snuffs me. Not sure what snuff means but don't do it to me. It would be the type of fight where neither of us win and we respect each other at the end, maybe even shake hands.
  3. Have a total freakout at work
    When you have to be very well behaved and professional all day don't you ever just wanna shake things up/freak everyone out and just just have a total meltdown? Just me?
  4. Run onto a baseball field in the middle of the game totes naked. Maybe with a silly mask on.
    Funny. And I feel like streaking at a baseball game is funnier than any other sport? I dunno.
  5. Eat at a restaurant and leave without paying
    Dine and dash baby. Don't hate me ☹️
  6. Get super deep in my ear with a q-tip
  7. Flip off someone whilst diving
    I do this but secretly because I am a coward.
  8. Pee in a pool
    Oh wait, done it 🤘🏾
  9. Incept someone's dream
    Pretty sure it's possible.
  10. Have a haunted house or get abducted by aliens
    Ugh I want thaaaat
  11. Become notorious on the List App
    I can't explain this one. I just want to joke around a little harder on here and be a little too politically incorrect and have people get super pissed and unfollow me. It's messed up and I apologize.
  12. Marry Donald Trump
    I'm kidding jeeeeez calm down