I'm very good at fashion.
  1. Crocks
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    Feel like air upon my feet. I honestly would wear them to work if I could.
  2. Cargo pants
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    Faux-livia wore them on "Fringe" and they looked really really dope.
  3. Wildlife shirts
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    If you think these are not cool we cannot be friends.
  4. These visors that Asian people wear
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    They make you look like something out of "Star Wars."
  5. Overalls
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    I'm not talking about trendy overalls. I'm talking about straight farmer overalls. Those are cool.
  6. Socks with sandals
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    Tell me I don't look cool here.
  7. The Tiffany's heart bracelets that everyone used to wear
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    Jk they are definitely not cool.