Rankings based on: face, facial hair, and overall badassery.
  1. Kili
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    By far the hottest dwarf, probably in the entire dwarf species. Also has a heart of gold.
  2. Thorin
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    Douchey sometimes but hot at all times.
  3. Fili
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    Brother of Kili, he's got those same dreamy genes.
  4. Dwalin
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    Really badass head tattoo situation going on and great fighter. Sexy arms.
  5. Bombur
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    The best ginger beard in all the land.
  6. Balin
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    Got the silver fox thing going on.
  7. Nori
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    Best 3-prong hair award.
  8. Bofur
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    Cute hat. Cute little face. Adorable.
  9. Gloin
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    I feel like he puts a lot of effort into his beautiful ginger locks and I respect that.
  10. Bifur
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    I feel like I've never seen hair with this color scheme. He also has a piece of something embedded in his forehead and that is baller.
  11. Oin
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    Super cool beard braids, second only to Bombur's. However, he does not leave much of an impression.
  12. Dori
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    His hair is fun but he's a little boring.
  13. Ori
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    Sorry guy.