Here are some personal lists I'm always writing in my lil notebook I keep in my purse.
  1. Goals
    Personal goals, career goals, long term goals, short term....all dat.
  2. Favorite names
    I've had a list of favorite names since I was like 10 years old. It's basically a list of pre-approved names I will present to my future husband when we are discussing baby names 😳
  3. Epiphanies
    You gotta write those down!
  4. Things I need to do to get my life together
    This is a to-do list that involves essential tasks I keep putting off. Like getting car washed, sending in my rent payment, writing thank you notes, etc.
  5. When I'm mad
    When I'm really mad I basically just angry list what I'm feeling and what's pissing me off. Sometimes I can only make sense of my feelings when I write them down.
  6. Adjectives that describe my younger brother
    I love him so damn much I often feel the need to write down words that describe him.
  7. What I'm thankful for
    This keeps me grounded and not so focused on my little tiny problems and issues. Puts things in perspective.