People are the best
  1. Cesar Millan
    I just watched "Dog Whisperer" for the first time. This man is God.
  2. DJ Khaled
    Today's 🔑 to success: "Act like you're wearing white from head to toe. Don't get dirty, stay clean." DJ Khaled for President.
  3. The 7 siblings in the documentary & Mother in "The Wolfpack"
    Watching it now. Amazing. There is a moment of such raw joy it brought beautiful happy tears to my eyes and everything in the world made sense.
  4. My boss
    My boss is the wisest, cutest, kindest, and most poised woman I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
  5. The DJ at the pub last night
    He looked like Kid Cudi, danced like Drake in the "Hotline Bling" video, and played every hiphop song I requested. Thank you Mr. DJ 🙏🏽
  6. The dapper older gentleman outside the pub last night
    Had the voice of Morgan Freeman and the just a great regal aura. Also really cool hair that was white as snow and slicked back like a g.
  7. Ricardo, the waiter at my Mexican food place
    He always knows my order and we're homies.
  8. My brother Nash
    He is my favorite person everyday.
  9. My dog
    Dogs are people too.