What will the next kale be? I'm basically an expert at healthy food so here is a forecast of what all the crossfit heads, Veganators, and Whole Foods moms will be eating in 2016.
  1. Basil-only salads
    Super good for your mouth health guys. Kale is so 2015.
  2. Thyme
    The new chia seed. Just sprinkler some thyme onto the tongue for a boost of energy and uh body balance. Your body will feel so balanced!!!!
  3. Orange peels
    That's right, instead of tossing the peel, eat it! Rejuvenates your skin so good.
  4. Banana peels
    Eat them with a little sea salt sprinkled on top. You'll love the way it increases metabolic processes and stuff.
  5. Dirt
    It's actually really good for you. It's got yer protein, yer fiber, yer essential oils, all that stuff.