I love people but not these people
  1. People who think Taco Bell is gross
    F u
  2. People who liked the 2nd season of True Detective
  3. Serious people
    I cannot relate to you in any way
  4. People who don't like babies
    Wtf is wrong with you?
  5. People who ride horses
    I dunno just something weird about them
  6. People who talk about any of these subjects often: organic food, kale, protein powder, the harms of gluten
    I do not agree with your dietary opinions and lifestyle choices
  7. People who go to Burning Man
    Makes me sound like an old person but what kind of hippie crap is this??
  8. People who walk too closely behind me
    Makes me irrationally upset
  9. Bartenders
    They are grouchy 84% of the time and hate me 100% of the time