It was about freaky plants in movies and it is probably the best thing I've ever written.
  1. I posted it at a time of day when no one is on List App.
    But evening is always the best time to post...or so I thought...
  2. The title. It's not catchy enough.
    A better title would have been "Totally wild and crazy trees and flower creatures!!!!"
  3. That one almost-mean comment I made on that one list.
    List Appers are turning against me for breaking the cardinal rule of the app: Be Nice.
  4. I made a spelling error, another cardinal rule of List App.
    Or worse, I made an incorrect movie reference. This is an unforgivable sin in List App world.
  5. Everyone found out that I "like" every one of my own posts.
    But it's just a weird habit!! But now everyone thinks I'm an egomaniac and don't want to feed my unhealthy desire for love and admiration with more "likes."
  6. People don't care about plants.
    But what kind of monster wouldn't care about plants??
  7. People don't care about FREAKY plants.
    But they do!! Everyone loves freaky stuff...
  8. It's too weird.
    I got too comfortable and let my weird mind run free and the result is that I'm the only one that gets it. It does not appeal to a wide audience. Dammit! I think this is the reason.
  9. Its only been a few hours, baby!!
    The night is young. Perhaps when I awake @bjnovak will have relisted my list and I will be reassured of my list-writing prowess.