Lies to live by
  1. I've never farted in my life.
    I actually did fart once. Felt weird.
  2. My great great great grandmother was a black person.
    Or that I'm an albino black person
  3. My dog's name is Lucifer.
    Soooo fun to lie to strangers about for some reason
  4. My dog's name is Poop.
    See above
  5. I'm a good fighter.
    I mean I probably am but don't do it much
  6. I barfed.
    This lie will get you out of anything you don't want to do guaranteed.
  7. I have a beautiful singing voice.
    And then immediately follow statement with beautiful singing
  8. My eye color is black
    They are actually dark brown but wouldn't that be cool if they were black like a demon?
  9. My oldest memory is being a fetus in my mother's womb.
    I think this actually might be true?