There are many things to learn and that is kewl
  1. Best: I learned about this Netflix series "Making a Murderer."
  2. Worst: I learned what a Diva Cup is.
    Look it up.
  3. Best: I learned that you can buy stamps at the check out counter at the grocery store.
    Did everyone know this but me?
  4. Worst: I learned that my favorite Mexican food restaurant now has a "Quinoa Burrito."
    A travesty
  5. Best: I learned how to spell Bowe Bergdahl.
    Not Bo. Not Beau. Bowe.
  6. Worst: I learned what it's like to have food poisoning.
  7. Best: I learned all about how football works and it is actually a cool sport with lots of strategy!
  8. Worst: I forgot how football works and why it is cool :(
  9. Best: I learned that if I write down my dreams right when I wake up, reading them out loud weeks later is incredibly entertaining.
  10. Worst: I learned that shoe shining is a dying art form that is under appreciated :(