These are a few of my favorite (and least favorite) kids.....
  1. Kurt
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    Hits a note high enough to single-handedly defeat Nazi Germany. God Bless Kurt!
  2. Gretyl
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    Stole all our hearts with that stair crawl
  3. Brigitta
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    Somewhat badass and pretty damn soulful
  4. Marta
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    I really like her braids
  5. Friedrich
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    The underrated hottie of the bunch. However he looks like a Nazi.
  6. Louisa
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    I don't appreciate her obsession with pranking sweet Maria. Also, she flaps around like a freaking idiot in that one song.
  7. Liesl
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    Uh dates a Nazi? Also she says she's naive but we all know better. Go to hell, Liesl.
  8. The Captain (Honorary Mention)
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    Not one of the children but sooooooo hot