I think the List App may be famous now and here are the signs...
  1. People are gettin mad about censorship.
    A list by @DanaDigsYou consisting of wiener photos got taken down by our Lord and Savior @bjnovak (or whoever has the censorship job at The List App headquarters).
  2. A person I actually know in real life joined without me telling them to.
    Hi @match ! 👋🏾
  3. I get a decent amount of likes and comments even on lame posts.
    I am happy that more users means more likes however I wish these new List Appers saw the work I did in the prime of my listing career (i.e. A few weeks ago). My early lists were dooooope.
  4. There are trends I don't understand.
    Like this new sandwich named after you thing? And the one about sentences you would never say made of the letters of your name? I hope this doesn't turn into a Twitter-type situation (I understand nothing on Twitter).
  5. There are more and more users that just follow but don't write any lists
    No prof pic too. LURKERS, WHAT'S GOOD. I am u on all other social platforms I get it boo 😘
    Suggested by @kellydehoop