(But I will still read lists about them)
  1. Boy bands
    Every single band that resembles 1D can suck my D.
  2. Fashion
  3. Mistakes
    Not a big deal.
  4. High heels
    WACK. I still wear em sometimes but doesn't mean I care about em.
  5. Shoes in general
    Barefoot lyfe
  6. Haircuts
    I don't really know why I should do it more than once a year.
  7. Hair in general
    I don't really notice other people's hair and don't think anyone really cares about mine.
  8. Baths
    No desire to sit in a bath. I'm too hyper.
  9. Nutella
    I hate it. Sue me.
  10. Wine
    Makes me sicky and people get all snooty about it.
  11. Measuring before hanging art up
    Could care less if it's a little crooked.
  12. Complainers
  13. Organic produce
    I buy the non organic and I think I'll be ok.
  14. The Gilmore Girls
  15. Cars
    Can't get into em.
  16. Little details
    I like big picture 🙌🏾
  17. Sports
    Wish I gave a crap.
  18. Quinoa
    Rice's evil cousin
  19. Snuggling
    Not vital to my life.
  20. Computers
    Would rather not deal with them.
  21. Height
    I literally have no sense of how tall people are.
  22. Celebrity gossip
    The epitome of evil
  23. RULES
    Cuz I'm a boss