Inspired by @kellydehoop and self love baby
  1. I am like my dad
    Like my dad, I am sensitive, artistic, passionate, and goofy. I appreciate beauty, and love and care about people. I also know how precious life is. And just like my dad I surprise people with my wacky humor. All of these things make life fun.
  2. I am like my mom
    Like my mom, I am nice, considerate, giving, and responsible. I know what is important and what is trivial. Most importantly, like my mom, I am grateful.
  3. I am like my brothers
    Like my brothers, I am honest and rebellious and unique. I know the importance of hobbies and passions and pet projects. But also that family comes first.
  4. I am like my grandfather
    Like my grandfather, I am always trying to be better. I set goals and write down my dreams, and constantly want to be a better person. Like him, I also love God and know that I am blessed.