Just lemme be bossy for a sec
  1. Ghosts
    I want a list telling me about ghost encounters and types of ghosts (like friendly versus non friendly, etc).
  2. Would You Rathers
    I want you to give me 10 gnarly "Would You Rathers" that I can stump my friends with. Example: Would you rather eat a ball of human hair or 10 human toenails? That's the caliber I want.
  3. Gingers
    Just take photos of gingers and make a list out of it. No captions necessary. This would amuse me.
  4. Aliens
    I want lists telling me about how you were abducted by an alien. What happened??? Did you loose time? I want to know everything.
  5. Weird pets
    Some people own ferrets. I want a list on that ferret. What is their personality like? I want pics.
  6. Dragons, Unicorns, Big Foot and other mythical (?) creatures
    Any list involving any of these things would be great. Mostly I want you to prove their existence.
  7. Ninjas
    Ninjas 4 ever. Photos would only enhance this list.