I am a creature of habit and somewhat superstitious so I tend to follow strange rules that I set for myself.
  1. I don't eat all day until the big meal because a feast tastes better when you're starving.
    This is unhealthy and I'm not sure it's worth how sick I feel after shoveling 3 helpings of stuffing into my mouth.
  2. I wear a brown turtleneck sweater.
    The same one year after year. I feel like Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without a fall-colored sweater.
  3. I don't wear shoes.
    I feel like this brings a level of casualness to my attire and the event as a whole.
  4. I make a weird appetizer involving celery, cream cheese, and olives.
    I'm not sure if anyone likes it but I feel like if I don't make it I will have failed my family, myself, and the world.