This goes out to all my ginger brothers and sisters out there ✌🏽️
  1. For those of you who don't know, today is National Kiss a Ginger Day
  2. I find this offensive
  3. I am a ginger
  4. Every day I am belittled for my freckles and red locks
  5. I am called a "Day Walker," a demon, and "soulless"
  6. Today I was kissed by 13 strangers
  7. They pounced on me
  8. And kissed me
  9. Hard
  10. This is not only racist but also verges on abuse
  11. So please, refuse to partake in National Kiss a Ginger Day
  12. Do it for me and all the gingers out there
  13. I'm totally kidding
  14. Being a ginger is awesome
  15. And no one has ever been weird to me because of it
  16. No one kissed me today except my dog
  17. That would have been cool if someone did though
  18. I love being called a ginger and a soulless Day Walker
  19. It's funny
  20. And you can kiss me anytime 😘