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  1. Eat healthy
    There has been a bowl of candy on my kitchen table since easter and I can not not eat it
  2. Avoid negativity
    I live with 3 other dark souls who like to complain as much as I do
  3. Dust the blinds
    I open them every morning and contemplate but ultimately I just walk over to the fridge and eat a piece of bread instead
An ongoing list
  1. An instrument
    How can I not go my entire life without learning how to play an instrument? I feel like I definitely have enough time to at least become a mediocre player
  2. A language
    Again how can I go by entire life only knowing English? There are so many pretty and useful languages and I only know English!
  3. To meditate
    I need to calm the fuck down sometimes
Do it this year!!
  1. Whiten teeth
    Do it with baking soda and peroxide even though I heard it isn't great for you. I don't have the funds for no whitening strips!
  2. Get skin straightened out
    Sick of having acne even after countless dermatologist visits
  3. Make some money
    I'm broke all the time
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