Most are meh at best.
  1. Got a cat
  2. Got a job for like 5 seconds
  3. Moved in with boyfriend and don't hate eachother yet
  4. Got some useless shit at homegoods that fills a void so that's pretty cool
  5. Joined a good gym
  6. Joined another good gym when first good gym closed
  7. Learned how to define "good gym"
  8. Clean dishes for at least a week
  9. Saw a production of The Vagina Monologues
  10. Vagina didn't perform any monologues
  11. Saw TV on the Radio
  12. Kings Theatre re-opened
  13. Wore dresses to 4 different weddings that were bomb af
  14. Started saying "af"
  15. Didn't start saying "bae" #blessed
  16. Downloaded bitmoji
  17. Best roommates ever
  18. GPA is almost too high to function
  19. Never got too high to function #responsible
  20. Started drinking soy cappuccinos at Starbucks
  21. Became fancy, see above
  22. Caused @bjnovak to write "haha"
  23. Kate Flannery responded to my tweets
  24. Most of my best friends still like me
  25. Told multiple people to fuck off
  26. Did not watch anything on Lifetime or TLC
  27. Became a better liar