1. School supplies for every underserved girl in Guatemala
    Not because I'm pretentious (I am). Education for women is my favorite thing in the whole entire world. There always seems to be Kickstarter or change.org petitions for this country's education for young women specifically, so I'd take care of those.
  2. A huge savings account
  3. Give money to friends and family who I love (or like enough)
  4. TriBeCa penthouse
    This list is now getting good.
  5. Sheets with the highest thread count to date
  6. Backstage tickets every time I went to a concert
  7. A big garden for my Brooklyn neighborhood (before I leave for TriBeCa)
  8. Every item of clothing that I have ever wanted but could never afford
  9. The presidency for Bernie even though he doesn't want that
  10. Classy ass makeup